Bon Echo

The way to tell you’ve had a good summer is to realize the memories you have made that have filled you with joy and satisfied your need for adventure.  Bon Echo is a place that makes the soul happy.  It is a provincial park in Ontario that invites both the in and outdoor types of folk.  With gorgeous rock faces, it offers views of paradise that will make the majority of us stop in awe.

IMG_0001 Bon Echo Sail Boat 1

Beyond being a place of spectacular views of nature, Bon Echo is a provincial park that lets people come and truly enjoy them.  It boasts beaches and trails between the tall northern trees that engulf the campsites.  This provides sites that feel far more private than other provincial parks and illude to being alone in nature, particularly after dark.

For those who are more adventurous by nature, or want to try something different, there are kayaks, canoes, paddle boats and paddle boards available for rent.  These allow you to explore the beautiful Lake Mazinaw, including the historical pictographs and Walt Whitman memorial.  The words “I know the amplitude of time” just magnify the importance and agelessness of the space around you, especially when realizing how long it was here, even before the seemingly ancient rock drawings.  This experience humbled and centred me in a way that only natural beauty can.


Once you’ve enjoyed the view from the water, there is a dock you can tie off on and climb the cliff on the opposite side of the lake from the park and rentals.  Warning: there are a lot of stairs.  However, all these stairs are worth the amazing view.

For those who are not drawn to the idea of paddling across a lake, or even camping on the ground for that matter, there are many other options for enjoying the beauty of this park.  The first thing to note are the cabins that are available for rent, so there is no need to ‘sleep on the ground’.  There is also a nature centre set up, located next to a park store.  From here, people are free to board the ferry boat and tour the lake, including the previously mentioned pictographs and memorial on a 45-minute tour beside the cliffs.

Overall, this park has a lot to offer people who are looking for an escape from the concrete jungle and hustle of a regular day.  It is beautiful, relaxing and centring.  It brings a person back to their natural balance.

IMG_0012 Bon Echo Canoe

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